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Top Tips on How to Sore a Treadmill

How to Store Treadmill

Wednesday 13th March, 2019

Did you give up the New Year resolution to run every day? We’re not going to judge that’s all right. Next year is always around. In the meantime, when you decide to get it back on (real, this time), you will have to store your treadmill correctly to make sure it’s in top form.

These machines are heavy and very expensive which needs proper storage techniques. When stored correctly the treadmill will operate for years to come.

Follow these steps to ensure that your treadmill is well maintained during its time in storage:

  1. Choose storage
  2. Fold Treadmill
  3. Store on levelled floor
  4. Pack and Cover
  5. Inspect
  6. Before Use.

Read on for a more detailed breakdown of how to keep your treadmill stored properly when not in use.

1. Choose Storage:

The treadmill has numerous electric components; there is the motor, powering fan and display pad. When the machine is not powered up, it is difficult to keep it cool from inside. So ensure your storage unit has a cool environment, which doesn’t get overheated easily.

Choose a storage unit where rust and mould issues do not occur and have low humidity levels.

2. Fold the Treadmill.

Read the treadmill manufactures manual to check if you can fold the treadmill. Folding the treadmill can save a lot on storage space, which in turn can save you on storage cost.

3. Store on levelled floor

Make sure the storage unit flooring is even and levelled. This will prevent the motor and belt from imbalance and damage. 

4. Pack and Cover:

Place the treadmill on a clean mat to keep it off the floor. Plastic wrap the treadmill to protect it against dust and dirt. As an extra layer of protection use blanket to cover the treadmill.

5. Inspection

Inspect the treadmill frequently to ensure there is no rust formation or damage. If the treadmill in storage for longer period the roller bearings or motor bearings may suffer. Ensure you clean the belt if you see any dirt or damage.

6. Lubricate:

After taking out the treadmill from storage, it is the best practice to lubricate the belts ball bearings. This will ensure that the treadmill runs smoothly without any complications.

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