What is mobile self-storage and what are the advantages over traditional self storage?

Mobile self-storage is just like regular self storage, except it’s mobile! This makes it more convenient, and cost-effective than self storage. For a description of the process and reasons why mobile storage is the storage solution for you, click here.

Definitely not! In fact, box it. is cheaper and much more convenient. box it. eliminates many costs associated with traditional self storage such as the need to hire a driver with truck or ute and other costs such as movers.
You can access your box 5 days a week. 7 AM - 4 PM Mon - Fri. Please remember to provide at least 24 hours notice. Note that box it. closes on public holidays and between Christmas and New Year.
Each box typically accommodates an average room to a room and a half of household belongings and are perfect for furniture storage. (They easily fit large furniture e.g a king size mattress!) Each box is - 2.4m long, 1.5m wide and 2.2m high externally or 2.32m long, 1.46m wide and 1.98m high internally. The boxes have a large door for easy access. For more space, simply order more boxes! We will not charge for any boxes that are delivered but unused.
The boxes are made from a galvanised steel frame with high quality plywood which has proven to be a stable and durable material to transport and store your belongings in Plywood also breathes better reducing the chance for mold and mildew.
Yes - your box is covered with a highly durable, weather-resistant cover when outside our storage facility. The boxes also rest off the ground to ensure that your belongings are safe and dry should it rain while your box is outside of our secure storage facility.
Yes - you will lock your box and you (and only you!) will hold the keys. box it. employees do not keep the keys to your lock, only you do!
Generally, you will need 1 box for every 1 x 1.5 rooms of furniture. You can always order more rather than less as you won’t pay for a delivered box unless you use it! Alternatively, feel free to call one of our customer service representatives who can help you answer this question.
Each box will be placed at the location of your choice! You can specify the exact location as long as the space can comfortably fit an average car. That is, wherever you would find to be the most convenient for loading and/or unloading, e.g. on the street or driveway.
Your box always remains flat and is never tilted. To avoid shifting during transportation, place heavier items on the bottom of each box and lighter items on the top. Fill in as much empty space as you can and make sure you use proper packing supplies including correctly sized boxes, bubble wrap and moving blankets.
Our rates are shown on below. These are the absolute best in the industry. Alternatively, call us on 1300 4 BOX IT for an obligation free quote .
box it. has a dedicated secure automatic payment system set up through which you can pay by credit card. Other payment methods include direct credit or cash. When you place your order, you will be charged the first month's rent and packing supplies if applicable. On the same day each month thereafter, we will charge you the monthly rent.
We understand that the best of plans change and will therefore happily refund your reservation deposit provided you notify us of your decision to cancel more than 7 days in advance of your day of delivery.
By default you have 7 days from the day your box is delivered to load your box it. before we move it to our secure storage facility. If you are moving, we give you 7 days to pack your box it. before we move it to your new destination and another 7 days to unpack before we collect the box. If you need more time, you can purchase another 7 days for $49.
Although incidents in self-storage centres are extremely rare, you may want to insure your goods. It is the customer’s responsibility to be insured. Many home and contents insurance policies will cover your stored goods. However, a number of insurers require the policyholder (you) to notify them that you are moving goods into storage. This should be your first step in obtaining insurance. In the event that your insurer will not cover your storage goods, box it. can arrange insurance for you*. Getting insurance is easy and can be organised for $1.50 per month for every $1,000 of insured contents (starting from a minimum of $5000 insured). Alternatively, if you are looking for transit insurance (either local or interstate) with or without storage*, please go to www.removalsinsurance.com.au. The process as always is easy and the choice is yours!

* By providing a quote from a third party, box it. is not acting as an agent of the insurer and is not the insurer, nor has box it. provided any express or implied recommendation or opinion in relation to this insurance cover.
We can arrange an interstate removalist to load your belongings from its stored box at our warehouse into their delivery vehicle which can then be transported to your new home interstate. Upon delivery the removalists will unload your belongings into your new home. For further details contact one of our friendly staff.
Yes, we have vermin/pest baits throughout the warehouse and we have routine pest inspections to ensure your goods are well looked after.

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