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Commercial Storage

In need of storage for your business? BOX IT has the solution!

Extra stock or documents can be unnecessary clutter for your shopfront, office or warehouse. By using BOX IT to store extra clutter you can be sure that you are not spending on rent for extra space. And since we bring BOX IT to you, you spend less time, money and effort getting that clutter away into storage and more on getting on with your business!

At BOX IT we offer a wide range of storage and moving solutions for businesses, including:

  • Document Storage
  • Seasonal Inventory Storage
  • Office Remodelling
  • Office Relocation

BOX IT boxes are fully enclosed, safely locked and only you will have access to the key, making them the perfect solution should you have confidential documents or sensitive items that you need to store. BOX IT is also ideal should you be a fashion retailer looking to store some excess stock, leaving you to comfortably merchandise your store without that excess ugly clutter!

BOX IT is Canberra’s leading provider of packing supplies that will help to make storing your items safe, easy and affordable. And best of all, any packing supplies you purchase along with your BOX IT storage box will be delivered alongside and free of charge! Click here to view what supplies BOX IT has to offer for your next move.