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When it comes to self-storage in Canberra, don’t settle for anything less than affordability and convenience. Entirely flexible to your needs, BOX IT offers to deliver your box, store it in a storage facility, and bring your BOX IT back to you when need it. Trust the leaders of self-storage in Canberra, committed to providing hassle-free storage and moving solutions for residential and commercial clients. BOX IT is the first point of call for self-storage in Canberra, offering mobile self-storage, commercial storage, as well as moving and packing supplies. Known for the careful collection, handling and storage of business documents right through to home furniture, BOX IT offer state of the art storage solutions for Canberra and beyond. When it comes to self-storage in Canberra, have confidence that your belongings are taken care of and will arrive back to you safely.

Our Customers Love BOX IT!

Box It was quick, clean and well-priced. I much preferred having Box It deliver the box and then take it to their storage, because I'm not confident driving trucks or heavy trailers. Box It's security will be better than other services, too, because they will only allow their staff into the storage areas. Richard Watson
Having had personal items stored with Box it Canberra for the last two years - I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Bronwyn and the Box it Canberra team for their professionalism, fluid communication and ease of use - I've just unpacked the box, and all items are in the condition that they were packed. I would strongly recommend Box it Canberra to those who require items stored for any period of time! Natalie Clark
Everything about box it was straight forward and easy, staff are great and the service makes sense 'my back thanks me' as there was no double handling. Oscar Jones

Box It Canberra General FAQs

How big is BoxIt Mobile Storage Unit?

Each box typically accommodates an average room to a room and a half of household belongings and are perfect for furniture storage (they easily fit large furniture e.g., a king size mattress). Each BOX IT box is – 2.4m long, 1.5m wide and 2.2m high externally, or 2.32m long, 1.46m wide and 1.98m high internally. Our boxes have a large door for easy access. For more space, simply order more boxes!

How to Pack a Mobile Self-Storage Unit?

Plan your loading ahead of your BoxIt mobile storage unit arrival. Ensure you have plently of packing supplies– moving boxes, bubble wrap, blankets and straps to secure the load.  Large, heavy items should go in first, with lighter, delicate items packed on top of them in secure boxes. Label your boxes, and draw up an inventory list for each Box It.  For more information on how to prepare and safely load our belongings in Box It read our handy tips here.

What Does Self-Storage Cost?

The cost of self-storage in Canberra is influenced by how much storage you need, for how long you need the storage for, and a few other factors, but with Box It your self-storage can cost from as little as $110 a month. Use our Online Quote tool to get an  instant quote now!

How Does Mobile Self-Storage Work?

Box It Canberra offers mobile self-storage, is like self storage except we bring it to you. It is more convenient and cost effective than self storage. Simply order the number of Box It’s you need, you pack or we can help you pack, and we store it in our 24/7 CCTV monitored secure storage facility until you need redelivery!

Are Box It Storage Units Safe?

All Box It storage units are made from galvanised steel and secured with padlocks that only you have access to. Once collected from you, your belongings are stored in a safe, secure indoor storage facility free from dust, pest and environmental elements and is manned during the day and protected by a state-of-the-art security system around the clock.

Who Uses Self Storage?

Self-storage nowadays is used by many different people, from individuals preparing to move, busy renovating their home, or in the middle of decluttering their home, by avid collectors, and even commercial businesses that need secure storage for documents or excess stock. The only limit on what you store and why you use self-storage are listed on our prohibited items page.

Where to Buy Packing Supplies near Me?

In Canberra, Box It carries a full range of packing supplies suitable for any size move or packing for self-storage. Whether you need moving boxes, bubble wrap, blankets, packing paper or even ratchet straps to secure your load in storage we got you covered. 

How to Store Furniture?

It is essential that you prepare furniture before you store it. Disassemble large items such as bed frames or dining table, so that they don’t take up too much space and are easier to move too. Wrap all furniture in bubble wrap  and secure using packing tape; this helps keep out dust and moisture. Lighter items should  be stored on top of large, heavy items, with moving blankets offering extra protection against damage. Read our handy guide on packing tips here

How to Store Household Items?

Ensure you are not packing any dangerous goods into your Box It mobile storage unit. You can find the full list of prohibited items listed here.  With enough packing supplies at hand, start packing your fragile items in paper and bubble wrap for extra protection. Remember to remove batteries from electronic items. Ensure all boxes are securely sealed and labelled once fully packed. Place items you may need for frequent access closer to the door.

Where to Get Moving Boxes?

At Box It Canberra, we offer a range of packing boxes to help you with your move. We have Small Box- 430x301x330mm for your small bits and pieces, Medium Box- 406x298x431mm for your plates, books and fragile items, Large Box- 431x406x596mm for your heavy and larger items. We also offer a special Port-A-Robe Box- 595x479x1106mm for your dresses, suits and other clothing. You can buy the packing boxes individually as per your needs or in packages for extra savings.