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Top Storage Solutions for Business:

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Wednesday 13th March, 2019

If you are the business owner with a lot of stock inventory to hold, storage can be annoying. Whether you are operating out of your studio apartment or run a small local shop limited workspace can be a hurdle. The easiest way to operate your business and free up some space is to make use of business storage. Here are some of the top reasons your business can benefit from using our Mobile Storage Solutions.

Add Extra Space:

As mentioned earlier, clutter -whether it is an extra stock you have or just have items you do not use every day, making use of our Box It mobile storage can assist you in adding extra square footage to your workplace. This will enable you to make more productive use of this added space by displaying your products or adding new personnel facilities. Conversely, clearing the clutter simply makes your workplace look more organised and clean to your customers.

Store your Documents

With some business now required to store documentation for a certain period for legal reasons or be it a business practice, archiving documents can take much room. Use our records management services as a safe way to store your old records and documents. This will clearup the space currently utilised by your archives and making it easier for you to focus on current paperwork.


Companies often have high-value products, equipment or documents of sensitive nature. If your business operates with these practices, then security and protection is of major concern. Our storage facility is protected with 24/7 CCTV monitoring, and while Box It is at your premises for loading, you and only you will hold the key the lock. Your Box It mobile storage box provides protection against weather, vermin or mould damage.

Lower Overheads

With the growth in business comes built up of more hardware, goods and paperwork for archiving. Higher the increase in infrastructure more space is needed to operate. To continue growing, you will eventually need bigger premises. This will incur higher overhead costing- renting or mortgage on the new property, higher cost of running- energy consumption.

You have a bigger chance or run a profitable and successful business by reducing these overheads. Putting your inventory, records and equipment in a storage unit is a more cost-effective solution. Box It storage can provide a flexible short-term or long-term depending on your needs.

Online Business:

You may only need a holding place to store your products when your firm operates entirely online. The cost of a rental in warehouses or offices is an unnecessary cost that will plummet into your profits. Box It business storage will provide you with a cheap alternative to renting out office space. You simply pay for the business storage space as and when you need it.

Seasonal Stock:

If you have stocks that you sell only at certain times of the year, it makes sense to put them in storage when they are out of season. Box It Canberra can offer you storage on a short term basis that covers the months when the stock is out of season and later retrieves it when needed. This is an excellent way to manage variable seasonal stock volumes all year around.

Flexible and Affordable:

If you compare the cost of the storage unit with the cost of buying, leasing or storage an office space, it is obvious that the most economical option is a business storage unit. In addition, it is much more flexible to use a unit to store your company’s goods, unlike leasing for premises that are likely to be for a significant period of time. You can select the short – term option and then only extend it if you need to, or opt for long – term storage if you know that you need to use the unit for a longer period. Just select the option that best suits your business needs.

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Box It Canberra can offer you a flexible storage solution if you are looking for a remedy to your storage problems.  Our mobile storage has practical and financial advantages for your business, with low-cost and flexibility to run your business efficiently and within budget.

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