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Top 5 Useful Tips When Downsizing.

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Wednesday 13th March, 2019

There are plenty of reasons why people downsize, be it empty nesters, getting older, tired of maintaining the large property or just need of change in lifestyle. Whatever the reason might be, downsizing doesn’t need to be associated with getting rid of your long beloved treasures. Here are 5 useful tips to help you keep what is important to you without compromising your space.

Sort your luxury and essentials:

For many people, the hardest thing about downsizing is cutting your belongings. You should write a list of what you need, what you want and what you can throw away. When you go through your average day, try adding to this list so you can see what you need. Try to keep the list of necessities as small as possible, just put down the things you really need. This means that you don’t get stuck with 3 plates, but no bowl s in your new house.

If you are truly unsure, try to get another person’s objective opinion and think about whether or not you are able to really keep it realistically. When it comes to things of sentimental value, think what you really want.

Plan the area:

Planning where things are going on the floor plan, will enable you to assess how much will fit in your new home before you move in. This will also help you to judge what to items of your belongings will fit and you need to get rid off, and avoid bringing anything that wont fit in your new home. Do not overcrowd your new living space with all your furniture just because it all fits in. Trying selling off your stuff before hand, saving you time and money.

Other handy tips will be to colour coding your boxes according to the room, so if you aren’t sure where you want something to go you can at least stop it getting mixed up in another room.

Make Profit:

A common trend when moving and downsizing is people tend to throw away the furniture they don’t need. However, ones men’s garbage is another man’s treasure. Most of the times the items you don’t need could be useful to someone else and therefore can be sold. A quick way will be to advertise these items. Online such as eBay, Gumtree and Craiglist are full of listing for used furniture. If you prefer to do it the old way, a local garage sale or telling your friends about it could be an easy way offload your old furniture, while gaining extra coin.

If there are items that you were not able to sell, donating them or recycling is a better alternative then throwing them away. This way you get rid of your old items and save the environment at the same time.

Think Storage:

Be smart about your storage needs. It is easy to abolish your old furniture but if it serves particle purpose for storage such as wardrobes or more inventive storage like footstool keep it. Plan these storage items first you move in as they will boost your ability to hold extra items. Plan what you’re going to do with the storage space you do have, figure out how much you can actually fit in the wardrobe and where you’re going to keep your items before you go. Get creative with your storage space. A large number of space is often unused such as keeping items under or on top of furniture. Try to use all the space you have as efficiently as possible. Don’t let any room go to waste!

Use Mobile Storage Unit:

If you are not sure whether you would be able to fit all your items in your new home or you have belongings you do not want to throw away, storage might be the best option. Anything you are still not ready to part ways with can be held in a storage unit for long or short term basis until you are ready to make a decision. If you are on time constraints, you could use a storage unit to store your treasure till you are ready to sort them out. This will stop you from being stressed about finishing sorting before moving.

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