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Load At Your Leisure – Why Mobile Self Storage Offers Unparalleled Convenience

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Friday 29th March, 2019

In the current consumerism landscape, we own more than we ever have before. Despite the fact that the average floor size of Australian homes is the smallest it has been in 20 years, our homes are still around the biggest in the world. Some believe our large homes are due to the fact that we live in a spacious country, while others believe we have naturally opted for bigger homes to make room for all of our things.

If the latter is true, then the adoption of storage services outside of our home can greatly reduce our need for larger houses. This can result in cost saving, and a cleaner, minimalist living environment. Here is a short guide that will describe how mobile self storage can offer unparalleled convenience for Australians.

What is it?

Mobile self storage is a service that allows for the customer to pack their things into a shipping container that is delivered to their door. Once the container is packed with the customers items, it is picked up and stored at a local facility. If an item is required from the storage container, or if the customer wishes to store more items, the container is once again delivered to the customers door.

What are the benefits?

There are many benefits to mobile self-storage, but perhaps the most impactful is its flexibility. If you are moving house, and do not want to be drowning in boxes, you can store some of them in your mobile storage container, which can be delivered to your new house at your leisure. It can also be a great place to store items that you wish to sell, or ones that have sentimental value. Some companies will offer a month of free storage so you can assess whether or not it will add value to you. If it does, you can continue your storage membership with ease. If it does not, cancellation is quick and easy.

What about traditional storage?

Traditional storage can require the drop off and pick up of items by the customer. Although this may work for some people, it is often inconvenient and may require the hire of vans or trucks to move the items. Mobile self storage allows for the customer to store things on their terms, and reduces the stress of item transportation.

How should I get started?

If you are considering using a mobile self-storage service, you should first separate the items that you are wanting to store. Go through your belongings, and separate them into four piles: items to donate, items to sell, items to keep at home (or the office) and items to store. Once you have done this, you can assess the extent of your storage needs. Storage boxes tend to be quite large, and so should fit all the items you want to store. If you have an extensive number of items to store, or if your times exceed 1 tonne, you may need to consider purchasing multiple boxes. Next, you can contact a mobile self-storage company and obtain pricing information, along with the answers to any questions you may have.


So there we have it, a short guide to why mobile self-storage is a great option for those seeking additional storage. There are many benefits to mobile self-storage, some of which are not features of traditional storage services. Good luck!