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How to Store Painting

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Wednesday 13th March, 2019

Whether you are moving home, selling your artwork or you inherited a piece of art for which you have no room. Whatever the reason be, if you don’t know how to handle and store painting it could ruin it for good.

Storing painting requires special technique unlike your other storage items, to ensure you do not damage the paint, canvas or frame.

The cardinal rule is to avoid storing your painting leaning against the storage unit wall. 

We have compiled a guide to assist you on how to store painting correctly for short term or long term storage.

1. Risk:

The first in storing your painting without damage is understanding what can actually damage your painting. The common elements that can spoil your precious painting include:

  • Stain and marking from skin contact
  • Impact, smudges, breakages and tearing can cause significant damage.
  • Environmental elements such as heat, moisture or lighting

2. Packing:

Diminishing the excessive handling of your artwork during moving or storage can minimise the damage it will receive. Putting a secure barrier between human handling and painting can prolong the life of artwork.  You can do this by:

  • Bubble wrapping the painting to keep it clean and protect the finish.
  • Pack in Styrofoam box to ensure painting is secure and there are no empty gaps in the box if so you can fill those by using clean butcher paper.
  • Pack the Styrofoam box into a larger box. This can seem a bit excessive but using an extra sturdy box to can worth a while in the long run.
  • Seal the box so no moisture or other environmental factors can enter the box.
  • Secure the box with tape and label the box fragile for reference.

3. Transportation:

After all the above measure you have taken to safeguard your painting it will be poor practice just to throw your box in the back of the van expecting a smooth ride to storage. Ensure:

  • The box is securely placed and tied to the back of the van, ensure it is not going to move or shift its content when you brake suddenly or take a sharp turn.
  • If transporting a large canvas, place the painting on its side, if you place the painting flat, you could risk other items in the van to topple over scratching or damaging the artwork.

4. Storing the painting:

When storing the painting, it is viable to use professional reputable storage company. You need to select a storage facility that can ensure safety against pest, mould, dust, and vermin.  Then ensure to follow the below steps to store your painting:

  • Do not store painting on top of each other. Store painting on its side if needed ensuring they are kept off the ground on top of the rack and no other items in close proximity that can fall over.
  • If you do have to lay painting flat or stacked up against each other, use acid-free paper or padding between each other.
  • Once all artwork securely stored place a dry clean blanket over them for an extra layer of protection.

If you are keeping your painting in storage for a long-term, check on them periodically to make sure there is no damage or discolouration. Box It can offer you flexible plans whether short-term storage or long-term, providing 24/7 CCTV monitoring; free from pest, dust, vermin and moisture ensuring the longevity of the artwork.

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