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How to Store a Tent

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Wednesday 13th March, 2019

New camping fans sometimes stress about the idea of building a tent (easier than it looks), but overlook the importance of taking a tent down – and storing it properly. A good tent is an investment you are going to want to look after!

When you get home from the campsite trip, we know you’re tired. But when you throw your equipment into the garage or basement, you’re just inviting mould and mildew.

The next time you use it, your tent will smell like a nasty shoe. Worse still, it will take a few years from your tent’s life

Here is the perfect way to complete your camping trip.

1. Cleaning:

Use a soft side of a sponge, cold water and soap to purify all of your dusty spots in your tent once you take it home. Remove droppings of birds, dirt or sand accumulated during your trip.

2. Drying:

This is probably the most crucial step in taking care of your tent. The best way to do this is to pitch up your tent either inside your house or outside if it’s a hot day. Do not put your tent in the dryer as the heat from the machine can damage the fabric of the tent significantly.

3. Storing:

Ideally, most people store their tent in the original cover it came in. However, it is a best practice to store it in a loose cotton sack which will allow it to breathe and keep it fresh. Next, step would be to store the tent in a cool dry place.

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