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How to best protect your possessions in a mobile storage box

Wednesday 29th May, 2019

Over the years it’s only natural to expect that you’ll accrue more items in your home, so it’s likely that every once in a while you’ll need to declutter your home to create more space. While storage facilities are a great way to store items that you still want to keep – rather than throw away – many storage facilities only accommodate fixed containers that you’ll have to transport your possessions too. As such, many homeowners are now opting for a mobile storage box that will be delivered to your home for you to pack before being collected and stored in a safe location. However, it’s vital to ensure that storage items are sufficiently protected to prevent any unwanted damages to possessions in transit, so here are a few tips on how to do so.

Cleanliness is key

Before packing anything into a mobile storage box it’s vital to ensure that anything you’re looking to store is clean and completely free of anything that could attract vermin as this could compromise the whole facility. As such, take the time to remove any food crumbs or stains from your possessions before placing into storage and be sure to use cedar blocks or air fresheners if you’re storing items such as clothes or fabrics. It’s also a good idea to use deodorisers if you’re thinking of storing items such as fridges or freezers, and use cedar blocks or air fresheners to protect your clothes.

Pack sensibly

When packing out a mobile storage box sensibility should reign supreme, where heavier, more robust items should be placed on the bottom and lighter, more fragile items should be placed on top. By packing in this way it should protect your possessions from becoming damaged in transit as it will prevent them from moving around in the storage box. You should also use plenty of packing supplies such as packing paper, bubble wrap, felt blankets, soft cloths and cardboard boxes to protect your items as much as possible.

Heavy items

Heavier items such as fridges and freezers should be thoroughly defrosted, dry and clean before storage, while washing machines and dishwashers should be completely drained and free of any water before storing. Always store appliances upright, rather than lay down, to prevent any damages and keep the doors slightly ajar to maintain freshness. Furniture items such as wardrobes, cupboards and drawers should be emptied when placing into the storage box to protect their structure, before being refilled when in storage.

Soft furnishings/fabrics

Be sure to wrap items such as couches, mattresses, clothes or cushions in protective covers that will prevent them from coming into contact with any moisture. Additionally, it’s recommended to separate items by placing felt blankets or soft cloths underneath and around them for added protection in transit.

Fragile items

Lighter and fragile items should be individually wrapped in packing paper or bubble wrap, before being placed in cardboard boxes and labelled as fragile. Place these items on top or inside of heavier items to provide the most protection and try to ensure they’re in a position that will prevent them from moving around too much during transit. Try to only pack fragile items together in boxes, rather than with other items such as books or utensils to best protect their condition.


In short, when packing a mobile storage box you should ensure that all of your items are fully clean and wrapped in suitable packing materials for transporting and storage. Be sure to place heavier items at the bottom of the mobile storage box and fragile items on the top for added protection. Use plenty of packing paper and bubble wrap to protect your items as much as possible from damage.