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How Self Storage can help you when moving.

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Wednesday 13th March, 2019

Moving home is one of the biggest events in your lives and can cause a great deal of stress and disturbance. If you are selling, the current house will feel strange as you stage it for prospect buyers, and then your new home is still an unfamiliar territory as you try adapting. The most difficult part of moving house is getting all your beloved belongings safely and securely to your new house. During the process, you might find that putting some of your possessions in storage could put ease on the task at hand.

Here are some top reasons how storage can help you during a move.

Storing during the sale process:

Even if you like every piece of furniture you own and it looks great, it might still take too much room, giving the house a cluttered look.  The could come across as overpowering to potential buyers and put them off. By clearing some of the unused items from each room, you could create a sense of space and give the illusion of a larger room. This will be likely to appeal to the buyers.

It is equally important to clean up space outside the house the same way it is for inside. If you have a bike, equipment or toys outside your home, it might improve your chances of a sale if you tidy up. Clearing the exterior will create a better first impression.

Try to be rational about what items you need and what you actually use. Any excess items that are not daily necessities should be packed and stored until the sale. Smaller items can be just packed in cardboard boxes and stored in shed or garage neatly. However, large items such as furniture or bike might need bigger storage such as Box It mobile storage. This is a viable option if you are on tight budget and need to keep all your possessions together in a safe, secure and dry place.

Storing during the move:

Moving day is probably the most stressful day during the whole moving process. With the days leading to the moving day, you have done your best to ensure no last-minute hurdles come across, but getting the anxiety on a moving day is quite understandable. From packing up the entire house, loading into the truck then unloading again at the new property can be very time consuming and draining. The level of stress increases if you have to do all this within one day.

Instead, it can be helpful to start packing away the thing at your own pace over a few weeks time. Box It can be delivered to your doorstep and could be picked up once you have finished packing after a couple of weeks if need be. This way you won’t have boxes packed up lying around all over the house and getting in your way. This will ease the pressure on moving day and help you stay organised.

Temporary accommodation:

Due to unforeseen circumstance, if your house gets sold before you could move into the new house, you might need to find temporary accommodation, or stay with friends or family. Where ever you stay, it is likely that the place will be fully furnished and no room for your belongings. You might need to take a few essentials things to tide you over until contracts are exchanged.

Under this circumstance, you will require somewhere to keep your belongings until your new home is ready. Unless you find temporary accommodation with an empty room for your items, short term storage might be the best option. This gives you flexibility on how long you need the belongings in storage and is reassured that they are safe until you are ready to move to a new house.

Storage when moving to a new home:

If you need to do some renovations works before you move into your new house, it will be a smart decision to keep your items in storage. If you are undertaking big jobs, then you will need a lot of space, so it is better if any furniture that you don’t need straight away is kept in storage. Another benefit of doing this will prevent your furniture from getting damaged.

The benefits of using self-storage:

In general, using a self-storage unit is an excellent idea at any stage of the moving process.  With larger items stored away, you can get organised for moving, freeing up the area making it look less cluttered, increase your chances of sale, decrease stress on moving day and settle in your new home after renovating.

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