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5 Tips to Vinyl Record Storage

How to store vinyl record mobile storage

Wednesday 13th March, 2019

You can damage your vinyl collection just by the way you store it. Vinyl collectors are investing a great deal in their records. Investment in the right storage also is important. Use these tips to store and keep the records.

Vinyl records are treasures that you and your family have been able to enjoy for years. They often pass down from generation to generation, as beloved ones share their days ‘ music.

However, you understand the value of preserving your records if you are a genuine vinyl collector. It must be carefully treated, as it is very fragile and can be damaged easily. Scratching, scuffing, or bending records can result in music skipping – or worse, not playing at all!

Here are some tips on how to store vinyl records correctly, regardless of age or condition, to preserve and protect them.

How To Store Vinyl Records

1. Cleaning:

If you’re collecting records, you probably have a record cleaning brush. If not you can buy a brush online or at local music stores. These brushes are a fast and easy way to remove dirt and dust. Simply hold brush while spinning the record slowly.

If you have a record of needing more detailed cleaning, you can buy a vinyl reinforcement solution. Just spray the solution on the record, avoid record label, and wipe it in a circular motion with a microfiber cloth. Do so every six months to ensure that your records continue to look like brand new, and more importantly, play.

2. Storage:

Always store the records in its sleeve or jacket.  According to the vinyl experts, you should only take the records out of its cover when you need to play them.  Which implies that as soon as you are done listening, put the record back into its jacket. Leaving the record on the turntable for a prolonged time could allow dust and dirt accrue on it,  affecting the sound quality.

3. Position:

Always store your vinyl collection in an upright position which ensures that they remain in good condition. Records which have been stored in a slant for a long period can twist due to uneven pressure.

That’s why records are often kept upright in crates. Crate dividers ensure that your records remain upright evenly with little or no slanting.

4. Stacking:

Never store records on top of each other. Stacking your records on may permanently damage your records, whether or not they are in their jackets. The weight results in vinyl twisting and even possible cracking or scuffing marks. You also jeopardize the artwork of the album jacket when you store records on top of each other.

5. Handling:

Ensure you are playing the records properly. Make sure that you don’t touch the surface – just the edge of your record when you go for it. You inadvertently transfer oils from your finger into the vinyl by touching the surface of the record, and this can greatly influence the quality of the record over time.

Another vinyl faux pas attempt is to find a particular song by hand on the record. You have a very good chance of placing the needle on the turntable at a random place, causing damage and placing it in the wrong groove. Patience is the key. Start the album right from the start and wait until your song starts.

Vinyl records were once something from the past but nowadays, more and more people start and grow their collections. You can ensure that your collection lasts for many years by following these storage, cleaning and playing tips.

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