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How to Pack Your Clothes for Storage

how to store your clothes in storage unit

Friday 25th January, 2019

Is your cupboard bulging and yet, in any given season, you seem to wear only half of what is in there? Are you returning from the university for summer, but don’t want to take all your stuff? Are you considering storing your winter clothes in the summer months and vice versa? Here’s all you need to know about packing clothes for storage!

If you take these six steps, your clothes will look as good as new again. Here is how to store clothes for the long term storage!

how to pack clothes for storage.

1. Wash It All:

The first step in the storage of clothes is to wash it. Inspect every item carefully for stains and dirt and ensure that it is removed before storing your clothes.

If you pack dirty clothes, the chances are that there will be stains or odours will built upon the items over time and you may never be able to remove them! In addition, dirty clothing attracts more insects and other vermin.

2. Do Not Vacuum Seal:

This step might seem surprising because there is a lot of chatter about storing clothes in sealed vacuum bags since it is a great space saver.

The truth is, vacuum sealing is good for your clothes only if you store it for a couple of weeks, not months.

If you store your clothes for a few months, the lack of air inside a vacuum bag can compress the fibers in your clothes and ruin their shape and fit.

3. Store in Plastic Container:

For long term storage use a plastic container with a clip-on lid, which protects the clothes against moisture, mould and dust. You can line the inside of the container with a clean cotton sheet for extra protection.

4. Choose a Professional Storage Unit:

A clean, cool, dark and dry storage unit is always best when storing your clothes. The easiest way to ensure that your warehouse meets all these requirements is to contact a professional storage company. These facilities are much superior to a humid garage or garden shed in order to keep your clothes safe.

5. Check your Clothes Periodically:

If you plan to leave clothes in storage for long periods of time–for example, if you store baby clothes until you have another child–check your storage box condition every six months or so.

This allows you to detect any possible problems and to avoid ruining your clothes.

Follow this step-by-step procedure and you will pull fresh, crease-free clothes out of storage.

Ready to Store your clothes?

Now that you know everything about packaging clothes for storage, all you have to do is find an appropriate and convenient storage unit. We can help with that!

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